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traces of my father

I never really got to know my father or discovered anything of his early life while he was alive

Now, long after he died,  all that now evidences his life is a small collection of his photographs, most from his time during WW2 on a converted trawler on convoy patrol duties in the North Atlantic.

I created this installation work in response to those photographs and the concept of the photograph as a trace - a remnant of a moment in time. 

Trace also means to discover through investigation.


I wanted to know more of him and represent his life through an artwork so I adopted the approach of a 'crazy-wall' -  a large board used by detectives to link key pieces of evidence to time, place and person.

By combining his photographs with contemporary found images, research documents, maps and fragments of information such as scribbled addresses on the back of an old wallet, I built a picture of his life.

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