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imperfect  memories

This work was inspired by the Covid lockdowns.

With movement and access to the countryside restricted, I re-visited my images of the landscape I had previously made in woodland with the intent of creating the sense of place I remembered.

The visual memory though is fleeting and inaccurate. Recall is elusive as brief glimpses of place come and go like shadows through the canopy, and illusive also, as imagination and imperfect memories distort the once-real until what is remembered is only an impermanent impression.

This work represents those impressions of the woodland as I walk though it in my mind. 

The entirety of the work is in the form of an installation which creates an immersive experience for the observer where I aim to create a sense of mystery and a visual dissonance that speaks of these deceptive memories. Though the subject is readily apparent, the subtly of detail is replaced by the far less tangible and surreal.

With the Covid lockdown ongoing and display unlikely, the project has been reimagined as an AV (below)

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