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Glory Days

Motorcycling is totally immersive. It demands absolute concentration because life itself is dependent on complete awareness of the road and a sixth sense for danger.


The road is endless - a ribbon of grey that constantly unfolds and upon which one rides, fast, without physical effort and after years of experience, no conscious input.

Riding becomes a sensation of effortless flow within a world of rapidly changing scenery with which you merge. Travelling is the point, arrival a disappointment.  

This work is about a forty year period in which motorcycling was not just a hobby but a way of life. It is inevitably therefore about me, my experiences, travel, a sense of fun, and ultimately, when the last motorcycle had been sold, what remained, as if now only museum exhibits

It draws heavily on photographs I took over that period, and my motorcycling clothing which is an inherent part of both the activity and personal identity.

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